broken glass, shattered dream, moving on You have designed your dream life. You have tested it for its worthiness of you, not whether you are worthy of it. Now it’s time to get into a feeling of deserving.

Our paradigms (thoughts, feelings and beliefs) hold us back from feeling deserving of our biggest dreams. If we don’t address this opportunity now we may never make it to our dream so hold on to your mind this is going to be a trip.

First we all must understand that we are not our bodies or our personality. We are spiritual beings living in these bodies or as Mary Morrissey, my mentor, likes to say “your earth suit you were sent here with”. Your “earth suit” is just that, a shell wrapped neatly around your spirit. Your personality is just a vessel for your thoughts feelings and beliefs (paradigms). Your thoughts are just thoughts, if they are serving you, keep them, if not, don’t. That is not easy and I don’t mean to sound flippant but we all cling to thoughts that no longer serve us and it’s a big reason we stay stuck.

Remember everything is created twice, first in mind, then in reality. You have created your personality and you can change it. You have created the life you are living now so you can certainly create a new one.

As you are dreaming your dream life certain things will come up that make you think “well that’s all good and fun but I can’t have or do that because…”. Write those things down. Then turn them around. What is a limiting belief about your dream? One of my limiting beliefs was that I don’t have a college degree so I can’t…. Well once I turned that around, I don’t have a college degree but I was running a business when I was 21 therefore I have an MBA in real life experience. Once I changed the belief that was limiting my experience, I was able to show the confidence in myself that I needed to apply for jobs with a college degree requirement. And I got a CEO job with no college degree.

You are not a victim! You have created the life you are living and you can create a new life. You may be saying…Yes that’s all good for you but I have a special circumstance, you see I have _______ fill in the blank. Whatever you filled in that blank is a limiting belief and it’s holding you back from having everything you ever wanted in this life. Are you going to let it win? or are you going to co-create the life you dream of having?

One of my favorite living mystics is Byron Katie, author of Loving What Is and The Work. She has a way of getting right to the point of removing the thoughts we cling to that ultimately make us suffer.  With four simple questions you can identify whether a thought is even worth having, keeping or suffering through. And you can turn it around into a thought that might better serve your life. If you have a particularly stubborn limiting belief I suggest you look at The Work online and go through some of the worksheets.

Caution!!! What you say matters!!! The work you have done so far is to bring forth your dream in the present tense so you can express your dream in “I am” statements. “I am” is the most powerful statement you can make. Always be aware of what you are saying behind “I am”. Words are creative, you don’t always mean to create with the words you speak and your “I am” statement doesn’t always come to fruition but if you tell yourself often enough, your thoughts become things. Your subconscious mind hears what you say and responds. If you say I am tired, your subconscious hears that and you become tired. If you say I am not good at ________ you become what you say behind “I am”. Be very aware and very careful how you express things in your life. Try this week to just be aware of every statement you put behind “I am”. Then you can start working on replacing the negative statements with positive statements that serve you and your dream.

For those of you who remember Stuart Smally from Saturday Night Live, before it was SNL, some of this feels a little put on, “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough and doggonnit people like me.” but it’s all critical to finding that sense of deserving in the dream you have laid out for yourself.

You are a creative, spiritual being who has the capacity to dream and the capacity to bring that dream to fruition. You are deserving of living your life’s purpose. You are cheating the rest of the world of your time, talent and treasure if you don’t start living this life today!