Portrait of beautiful peacock with feathers outYou have done the work. Congratulations! Your dream is manifesting right now! You have listened to your heart about your longings and discontent. You have discovered, designed and tested your dream. You have written your dream in much detail and in present tense. You are using the law of attraction and your positive thinking to attract your dream. You now you have the power to face your fear. You are changing the way you think and talk about your life. You are listening to your intuition and you are working on forgiveness. Your dream is in your hands right now. You will face setbacks but don’t let them get you down. Many times a setback is put there to get your re-affirmation that you are truly dedicated to having your dream. Re-affirm that you are dedicated and take the next right step.

When I was moving to Albuquerque to take my dream job, I had a picture in my mind of where I would live. I would live at the base of the mountains, tucked in a cozy, protected adobe home. Interestingly, when I got to Albuquerque I forgot that dream. I panicked and tried desperately to find a home in another part of town, thinking I couldn’t afford a home in the foothills and really completely forgetting I ever had that picture of myself in that home. I must have looked at 50 houses and none of them was right. So I got an apartment in a good school district for my girls and promised myself I would find a home to buy within the next year.

I went house hunting on the weekends when I could. Then one day I dared to go house hunting in the foothills. I went to a brand new sub-division that was still under construction, it was a gated community, with a shared pool and hot tub. I was sure I couldn’t afford it. I went into the sales office anyway and spoke to the sales staff. I prayed and meditated, trying to decide if this was the right choice for me and my girls. I was listening for the still small voice to tell me what to do when unexpectedly one of the sales girls called me and said there was only one lot left and if I wanted it I needed to act fast. I  did the calculations, visited the bank and realized the houses in the sub-division were within my price range. The great news was I actually came into some unexpected money from a business property I had owned so I found I could afford an even bigger house than I had calculated. (God works in mysterious ways!) We could all have separate bedrooms, I would have an office and my girls would have a recreation room.

I had never really pictured myself living anywhere else and my higher power couldn’t picture it either. My dream became reality without too much prompting on my part.

I have a different dream now. That’s how this goes. We reach one dream, one milestone and we want something different, something more. That’s ok. We don’t have to settle. We don’t have to stick with that dream just because it was once our dream and now we feel guilty for not appreciating it. We can move on with deep gratitude for having experienced that dream. We can have more.