WhatLet Your Dream Build You does it mean to let your dream build you?

Simply it means that once you have had the thought and infused it with belief, you need only to keep this thought as your primary, front-of-your-mind belief and it will be yours. It’s not easy and it’s not human nature but you must live from your dream in order for it to come to you.

Human nature would have us struggle to get anything in life. Or maybe it’s not human nature and just the universal, ‘survival of the fittest’, mindset we are living through. We believe that struggle and effort are a prerequisite for attaining your goals. Are they really?

No, all you must have is, the thought, faith and belief in your heart that your dream is yours to have and it will amazingly, without effort, become the life you are living. I know this because I’ve used this method multiple times in my life to get where I am today.

Your Invisible Power

I’m coaching a client through a manuscript called “Your Invisible Power” by Genevieve Behrend, a teacher of New Thought discipline around the turn of the century and into the 1950’s. She was a student of Thomas Troward, a brilliant modern mystic who studied world religions. Ms. Behrend sought to bring Mr. Troward’s message of invisible laws to light.

On page 23 of “Your Invisible Power” she writes;

“All you have to do is to make such a mental picture of your heart’s desire, and hold it cheerfully in place with your will, always conscious that the same Infinite Power which brought the universe into existence brought you into form for the purpose of enjoying Itself in and through you. And since it is all Life, Love, Light, Power, Peace, Beauty, and Joy, and is the only Creative Power there is, the form it takes in and through you depends upon the direction given it by your thought. In you it is undifferentiated, waiting to take any direction given it as it passes through the instrument which it has made for the purpose of self-distribution- through you.”

So her premise is that you create the mental picture, believe in possibilities, it will come to pass…

“If you think your thought is powerful, your Thought is Powerful.” -Thomas Troward.

On the subject of effort and struggle Genevieve Behrend eloquently explains, “…you are making a mental picture for the purpose of determining the quality you are giving to the previously undifferentiated substance and energy, rather than to arrange the specific circumstances for its manifestation. That is the work of Creative Power itself. It will build its own forms of expression quite naturally, if you allow it, and save you a great deal of anxiety. What you really want is expansion in a certain direction, whether of health, wealth or what not, and so long as you get it- as you surly will, if you confidently hold your picture – what does it matter whether it reaches by some channel which you thought you could count upon, or through some other of whose existence you had no idea…Keep this in mind and let specific details take care of themselves…”

So what she is saying is…

…’don’t try to control how your visualization appears. You can never predict that. Let go of the need to control the details’.

This is what we don’t do. We believe so much in the, “no pain, no gain”, motto that instead of holding the mental picture (visualization) and creating a deep sense of knowing, we set goals and create strategies and tactics for getting to those goals.

My suggestion for those of you who have a hard time getting to these concepts is to hold the dream in your open hand and believe you will take the next right step to get to your dream. It’s kind of like goal setting without the need to know ahead of time the exact tactics we need to get there.

In my own life I have used this method of manifestation for everything from weight loss to creating my dream house.

When I was trying to lose weight, I went through the struggle method for a few years, with much effort, and not much success. Then I began to visualize myself at my perfect weight. I knew what I looked like, I knew how it felt, I knew how I behaved and I let go. Very soon after I began to visualize me at this perfect weight, a friend told me about a diet and exercise program she was on. It sounded like something I could easily do with very little adjustment in my life so I did. I kept my visualization in mind as I made the changes in my life and I shed weight without effort. I lost 20lbs in 60 days. I pictured myself as a person who ate healthy and exercised. Because I thought it, and believed it could be mine without effort, the energy I put in was effortless and it happened.

I will finish with this thought, once you have your visualization joyously, locked in your subconscious…

opportunities will appear in your life…

The message here is not to visualize something then lie on the couch until it comes along. The message here is to be like the Wright brothers, believe you can fly and keep taking the steps and opportunities that present themselves to get there.