Shadow SoulsIs that you? Yes, you. Don’t you remember me? You remember, we were imagining our life here before we came. We imagined how we were going to make the changes necessary for everyone to experience this life with more purpose. We certainly had high hopes and expectations for our journey didn’t we?

How are you doing? Are you managing to get anything done at all? I thought it was going to be easier too.

What a trip! It’s hard to predict the difficulty when you are planning. It’s difficult to understand the metamorphosis process when you are imagining all the wonderful things you want to do. Breaking through the barrier looking through such new eyes and not understanding. I did not think that was going to happen!!! Everyone here seemed so together, they seemed like they understood what was going on. Now I know they have to figure it out new every time. That was a twist I was not expecting!!!

And that thing where we make agreements to forget about our ability to use our imagination after we grow up? Who would have known we would agree not to use our most powerful mental faculty after we turn 13. I assume sometime in history they realized how powerful our imagination was so they had to minimize the damage it could do along with all the greatness it would bring. Too bad. I think we would find it easier to make the changes we planned if we hadn’t done that.

OMG! Did you have to deal with any of those limiting beliefs that get planted in our developing minds? Well sure you did, so did I. That’s the funny thing about the metamorphosis and not really knowing what to think about all the knowledge coming at you. We tuck it away as if it is the truth when it’s not always. Then we own it like we are married to it. We think it’s ours when it’s really someone elses’ belief. I know I’ve had to learn to rewire my thinking as an adult because I had so many beliefs handed to me when I didn’t know how to process them correctly.

I’m so happy I recognized you. It’s been hard to know who is who. I look into people’s eyes trying to read them to see if they are one of us. I guess in a way they are all one of us but you know what I mean, one of us who was making the grandiose plans. Plans to make the world a better place for everyone.

I am optimistic about our chances. How about you? I mean I look at the advances in just the last 100 years. There is more love and less unnecessary death. Yes, I know there are still pockets of hate but more people seem aware of their ability to choose love. We are making great strides.

The planet is doing better too. I remember when I was first here, the skies were dark with pollutants and the watersĀ  were filled with trash. Now the skies are pristine and blue and the water is clean. So much progress in a very little time. I’m impressed. We’ve done some great things already. I know there is more to do but we need to celebrate the advances we’ve made.

So what are your plans? You are working to help mothers make the most of their time with their children. That must be amazing work. I knew you would do something brilliant while you were here.

Me? I’m helping people find their dream again. You know, how to use their imagination to have a life they would love living rather than just going through life by default. It’s a fantastically fun vocation. It’s exactly what we planned before we came. I couldn’t remember it early in my life, you know all that forgetfulness from the metamorphosis. Once I remembered I felt alive again! I knew exactly that this is what I came to do. I came to help others remember why they came and to have the life they planned before they showed up.

I figured out how this is supposed to work. It’s really so simple. You know how we say life doesn’t come with instructions. Well of course not. That’s backwards. We came here to give life instructions for how we want it to look. I know how to do that. That’s what I help people do now. Design the life of their dreams.