tumblr_nhpvwodIM31tgj5a6o1_1280I am so happy and grateful that, I am sitting on the beach in Costa Rica. I just had a wonderful breakfast of fruit, yogurt, nuts and coffee. I have two dream builder group coaching calls scheduled today to help people find their dream life. That is what I do, I help people design and build their dream life.

I got up this morning and meditated saying my affirmations. I am calm and present with everyone today. I am thoughtful and kind, giving others the grace and hope for a better and more fulfilled life. I am grateful for everything and everyone in my life. I am listening to the still small voice. I evoke the most brilliant lives for those I coach. I am one with God.

It’s so fulfilling and exciting even my husband is now a full time coach/consultant. He works with business owners to help them find the dream business and life they love. We also have a website where we sell products, services and programs. We have the product and service side of the business done for us which allows us time for helping people build their dreams.

We sail and travel the world usually staying in one place for six months at a time so the travel schedule is easy. We love to catch conferences and workshops. We are healthy and happy. We swim, snorkel, kayak and paddle board daily. We eat healthy and we are both at our goal weight.

Some of our girls work with us in the coaching realm and we see them often. All of us get together once a year on a Dream Yacht Charter with all the kids and grand kids. We sail in all sorts of exotic places including Thailand, the Mediterranean and of course the Mexican Riviera and the Caribbean.

The great thing about the coaching program and website is that we make more money than we did working for other people and it’s easier. We clear $500,000 annually. $40,000 a month in online, recurring income from our programs and $10,000 a month from licensing and donations. Some of that income comes from unknown sources. We are very tuned into the law of circulation, the law of attraction and the law of speaking our word for the good we seek in life. It’s a BRILLIANT way of life that works for all.

We have licensed Center My Center kiosks and meditating areas in airports. We get offers daily from people who want to partner with us. We are very blessed in our life. Our marketing plan, that is working elegantly, is that people refer others to us that have heard about or used our services.

Our website is one of the most popular websites on self-actualization. It is in 7 different languages and people around the world are attracted to the message of the invisible laws of the universe and changing their lives to be more fulfilling.

All of this and more…