Overcome Discontent In Life

Your discontent is the best way for you to identify what your next step should be in life.

When you have an unfulfilled longing, don’t despair, consider it a message from life telling you that something more is in store for you.

Take it to heart and explore the possibilities. Do you long for a job where you control your schedule?

Do you long for a better relationship with your spouse? Are you ready to make a change in life but you fear you don’t have the savings? Whatever the discontent in life may be, you should take some time to explore the potential of turning your discontent into your dream.

Now I’m not talking about a passing fancy. “Wouldn’t it be nice to have her dress?”, or “Wouldn’t it be nice to have his wife?” I’m talking about those things that persistently nag at your subconscious. You see someone enjoying life in a way that you would love to experience.

Overcome Discontent In LifeIn my first career I owned restaurants. I worked nights, holidays and weekends because people go out when they are off work. I would see them enjoying the time with friends and family and, at the time, I loved serving them and making their time with family special.

Then one day, after I had my own kids, I realized I was going to miss those very times with my own family unless I did something different. At that point the only thing I had done for 15 years was run restaurants. I did not believe I could do anything else. But I knew I was smart and creative and I knew I wanted my kids to grow up enjoying weekends with their mom.

That was the origination of my discontent. When my kids were 5 years old (I have twins) and just about to go into school, I knew our only time together would be nights, holidays and weekends, I made the move. I quit my restaurants – not as easy as quitting your job. I told my business partners that I wanted out, I wanted to do something that allowed me to spend more time with my kids.

Overcoming the Seed of Discontent

That seed of discontent, seeing others with a life I wanted, allowed me to make a move to the next chapter in my life. It can do the same for you.

What is your seed of discontent? Is there someone out there who has the life you want? You can create that same life if you follow certain steps – steps I did not know the first time I made my move from discontent to the life of my dreams. These steps that would have made the move soooo much easier.

The first step is just this…listen to your longings. Identify your discontent. Write it down, get familiar with it. Your discontent in life may show up as dissatisfaction, unhappiness, displeasure, sadness, depression, gloominess or restlessness. What is it that is making you feel this way? Is it your job? Is it the people you work with? Maybe one certain person in your life? Is it your financial situation? Maybe you are lonely? You may already have an answer in the fact that there is someone with a life you want.

Can you identify your discontent in life? Write down as much as you can about your feeling of discontent. Is there a solution you know about but haven’t taken steps to make a move. Is this a dream you have or just an inkling? Again, write down everything you know about the feeling and sit with your writing for a while. We will talk more about your next steps in the next post. In the meantime here are some of my thoughts on discontent in my life…

I live a charmed life, but right now I’m discontent. I have been working at a job I love for an industry that has served me for many years but I’m not in love anymore (with my job). What I feel is the longing to go out on my own and serve more people in a meaningful way.

I’ve seen my step-daughter and her husband create an online community in service to millions of people throughout the world. They travel and live in different parts of the world. They work hard but they own their lives.  I love the idea of creating an online program where I can serve people worldwide by teaching them to follow their dreams and making their lives easier while I travel and explore.

I’ve been thinking about this for years, I’m not jumping into anything. I know its possible but I have some fear around quitting my job and making it happen – thus my discontent – thus my dream. Come with me on my journey of creating an online program so compelling that together we help the world by helping people find and follow their dream. On the way let’s make your dream come true!