tumblr_n90qa0y7HH1tgj5a6o1_1280Now you have thought about what makes you crazy and what makes you happy. From this place of knowing what your heart desires you can start to plan, design and test your dream but first you must put together the blueprint for the next stage of your life.

A couple of things you need to think about here. Everything is created twice, first in the mind, then into reality. Everything you can see in front of you was first a thought. The computer screen you are looking at was an idea in someone’s mind before they built the prototype. The currency of the universe is thought.

Your life is the same, all of the thoughts and beliefs you’ve had in your life are reflected as your life right now. Therefore, all the thoughts and beliefs you think about your life right now are going to become your future life. Thoughts are things. Wow, man that’s deep!

So I will just say this on that subject. If you are not enjoying your life right now., stop the negative thinking and stop telling the story you are telling. Tell a different story until it becomes yours. I’m not saying to lie. I’m saying let go of what is not working for you and find some thoughts that work to make your life the one you love living!

You are either creating by default or by design.” Mary Morrissey, Life Mastery Institute.

What do you choose? Design or Default? The default part you’ve been doing. How’s that working for you? Maybe there is a better way? Here is how to Design Your Dream life.

Let’s begin by testing your dream. There are six questions you need to ask yourself as you move forward and design the dream you are currently working on.  (I say this because dream building is an ongoing process of noticing your longings and discontent and moving in a direction of your dream.) These six questions come from The Life Mastery Institute, Dream Builder Program.

Question #1. Is my dream worthy of me?  Is your dream big and badass enough for you to stretch into believing? Notice I am not saying are you worthy of your dream, you are. Maybe you don’t feel it right now, we will do lots of work on the paradigm, I’m not worthy! The question is is my dream worthy of me?

Question #2. Does this dream make me feel alive? Do you have a sense of joy, an opening in your heart, excitement?

Question #3. Does the dream fit with my core values? Maybe the first question here is what are my core values? Here is a list of mine you can use (in case you forgot yours for this exercise): Integrity, Fun, Service, Communication, Honesty, Hospitality.

Question #4. Is the dream going to require me to grow? Is this dream big enough to require you to expand? Is it a little scary? Is it badass enough for you?

Question #5. Do I need help from a higher power to accomplish my dream? I don’t care what you call it: higher power, God, Allah, Buddha. Does your dream require you to have faith in something besides yourself?

Question #6. Is there some good in my dream for others? You do not have to be dreaming of feeding the world’s poor in order to have your dream be good for others, if you have a product or service people want, you are doing good for those who want and need your service.

Ok, you may want to go back and make some adjustments in your dream depending on your answers to these questions.

Now it’s time to get specific. You can not build a house without knowing the specifics, the blueprint with all the details. What is your blueprint? Write it down. Get a feel for it. And by “get a feel for it” I mean, think about how it makes you feel emotionally then tactically, then sensorize it. How does it taste? How does it sound? How does it look? How does it feel?

The more life you can give to your dream the more you will be aware when the right circumstances come into your life. The divine needs specifics or your dream house might end up looking like a shack. You have to give form to your creation and remember everything is created first in the mind.

For many years I was single. I couldn’t find the right man no matter what I did. I was not desperate but I was not clear about what I wanted. I knew only one thing and I put it out that I was I was looking for a man.  Well, as we all know, they come in many shapes and sizes. I was dating and had guys around but none were the right guy. It wasn’t until I sat down and wrote down exactly what I wanted that it happened.

I finally put my blueprint for the man of my dreams onto paper. I wanted him to be tall, professional (a doctor, lawyer type), smart, have a great sense of humor, be good looking but not too much, be around my age and have kids so he knew how to be a good parent. I had some other details I can’t remember but I do remember that I sensorized him, I smelled him, I could feel his touch, I heard his strong voice, and I could see a picture of him in my mind.

Not too long after I had described this man of my dreams on paper and in my senses, a woman asked me if I was dating anyone. I said I was not exclusively dating at that time why? She said she had a friend who was perfect for me. She told me he had taken her to lunch and described the type of women he was looking for and I fit the profile. She set up a blind date (I told my girls I was going on a blind date, they were 9 at the time, and they asked me how would he know me if he was blind? Gotta love kids!) and like they say…the rest is history. He is a tall, smart , funny, good looking CPA, 6 months older than me, and he has three girls of his own. We were married 5 months after that blind date.

This stuff works. Not just sometimes but every time! You will have problems getting all the mind chatter, doubts and fears to let you peacefully create the world you love but once we move through all the steps you will come to appreciate how easy it can be to have it all.